Introduction to KwikText

Introduction to KwikText

KwikText Template


Drag a link into KwikText tree view

Web Pages

KwikText screen showing label and content

Label and Content

KwikText screen showing revised labels

Easily Change Labels

KwikText Template Editor

Templates are Stored as Plain Text Files

Screen shots showing template editor compared to tree view

Easily Categorize Resources

Two windows, KwikText and a browser

Double-click to Access a Resource

Template showing passwords and related information

Manage Passwords

KwikText password generator

Generate Passwords

KwikText and Windows Explorer

Files and Folders

KwikText, web page, and Notepad with pasted text

Reusable Text

KwikText with reusable text examples

Reusable Text Applications

Email example


KwikText showing software programs, Notepad++ selected and displayed

Software Programs

Screen shots showing examples of utilities


Search window, with search for cam


Search window, with search for passwords, and KwikText open

Searching for Passwords